OStersund, BIM projektavimas, Descon

Project description

This building was built in far north of Sweden. It was completed in 2014 and is now fully in use. Unique features of this project:

BIM: Building was engineered using BIM technologies, which allowed us to avoid any mistakes that are usually made when 2D modeling. Amount of materials and work force needed was calculated accurately too. We avoided any inaccuracies between different building parts and clash of structural elements, architectural parts and other components.

Cost: Accurate calculations of materials needed and no mistakes helped to reduce cost of this building. Furthermore because of BIM and “As Built” model, it is possible to optimize building maintenance and running costs.

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Project details

Client: „PEAB“ AB
Location: Ostersund, Sweden
Completed: 2014 m.
Architect: Gisteråsjöstrand Arkitektur AB

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