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IKEA is one of the best known furniture manufacturer and seller worldwide. All of the buildings in this complex was designed by architects from the Netherlands. This complex of buildings in Malmo has a huge impact on the economy on the city and all of Sweden, only the most advanced techniques were used in its construction. By choosing DESCON as a structural engineering company they got:

BIM: Its common practice to use BIM in Sweden, so it is no surprise that our client was looking for structural engineering company that knew how to use such software. Because we used BIM we were able to make accurate and detailed drawings of all the building structural elements, which allowed them to be manufactured in 8 different locations with no impact to the quality.

Time: BIM technologies as well as experience allowed to complete this building in record time – only 6 months.

Versatility: Building uses a wide variety of different structural elements, that were all designed by DESCON.

Quality: Together with contractor we were able to offer unique solutions to our client. One of them was our designed and implemented assemblable facade that had space between it and column. DESCON was able to solve problems that seemed impossible to others. That was the main reason why we were chosen by IKEA in favor of well-known international companies. Designing and construction went so smoothly that it was even noticed by Tekla. This building projects was nominated and reached finals in Tekla BIM awards 2014.

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Client: IKEA Fastigheter AB
Location: Malmė, Švedija
Surface Area: 22,000 m2
Completed: 2014 m.
Architect: Dorte Mandrup

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