Project description:

“Maxima” is the leader of Lithuania’s retail market. It was first company in Lithuania, which determined to use digital construction. Client chose DESCON for multiple reasons:

Cost: Client was able to save money because of rework and error prevention. Also there was no unexpected work, which usually increases the cost considerably.  

Precision: Client chose contractor from the detail work project, which resulted in no unexpected work and excess materials. All the quantities were clear in the design phase thus it was possible to plan quantities estimate early in the process and with high accuracy.

BIM: It was first UAB “Maxima” project in which BIM process was implemented. It allowed client to reduce the maintenance costs and ensure an optimal and efficient building’s maintenance plan.

Time: This project was a huge step forward in erection time optimization thus building was finished in unusually short time.

Added value: Client was given a finished “As Built” model, which reflected finished building and allowed to make decisions easier.

Experience: Our long-term experience of using BIM in international projects and precast concrete construction engineering allowed our client to fully trust DESCON. This trust led us a way to a new digital construction path.

This project was a new challenge for client, contractor and manufacturers because of new and uncommon BIM technologies were used in this project. Unique project development allowed not only to turn a new page in construction market, but also raised the bar for future projects. This project was nominated in Tekla BIM Awards 2016 and was one of the finalists together with north and middle Europe’s digital construction leaders – Finnish engineers.

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Project details

Client: Maxima
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Surface Area: 11 500 m2
Completed: 2016 m.
Value: 15 000 000€
Architect: Gediminas Jurevičius

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